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A great treatment for when you’re feeling generally worn out mentally and/or physically. The long, gentle strokes and rhythmical kneading of soft tissues is curative to the mind as well as the body. It allows for the sympathetic nervous system and HPA axis to slow down and promote relaxation. As the level of cortisol and adrenaline decrease, I encourage clients to take deep and slow breaths as I work slightly deeper, but slower. This can be very therapeutic as it allows for the mind to turn off and focus solely on the massage, the present.


Deep Tissue
This treatment is very effective for minor soft tissue injuries. The pressure allows me to penetrate into the deeper layers of the body, finding any points that may be sensitive or I img_1691feel may need focusing on. I often combine this treatment with neuromuscular technique, Trigger point, stretching, mobilisation and more to ease the muscles back out and try to eliminate tensions and knots. I always use deep breathing techniques during my Deep Tissue treatments to make the client aware of where they might still be holding onto their muscles, thus allowing me to work even further and the treatment being more effective.


Hot and Cold Stone Therapy

Hot stone therapy is adds in the element of heat; Thermotherapy and alone is an extremely relaxing and indulgent treatment as well as proving to be extremimg_1695ely beneficial for the soft tissues and muscles. The heat penetrates deep into the body fibres, instantly giving a lovely warm feeling allowing you to relax faster and deeper. The Hot Stones are naturally shaped volcanic stones made from Basalt.

Cryotherapy is when a cooler stone is placed over where a hot stone previously was, this is to balance the temperature back out. This type of Hot and Cold Stone treatment is ideal for any trauma and/or tissue damage, the constant change of temperature allows for movement of fluids in the body to increase, thus creating a nourishing effect due to the constant constriction and dilation of the blood vessels. The Cold Stones are granite.


Warm Bamboo Massage

img_1834Warm Bamboo Massage has the benefit of Thermotherapy. The long sticks are used like a
rolling pin to slowly and deeply roll along the muscle fibres, as the heat penetrates the skin it creates a warming feeling, this lets the client relax a little more so I can do deeper work. The deep long strokes help with draining muscles of any waste products and toxins.








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Photos by Jennifer Rodrigues